My Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

By: Homolicker

May 30 2013

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I thought that I would update you all on my Hernia Operation which took place on Thursday 9th of May at the countess of Chester Hospital. The process toward the operating room was gradual and very friendly and efficient and professional and the only time that I panicked was when i suddenly realised that my feet were facing the operating room with all the surgical staff were around me applying monitors and injecting the anaesthetic.

Because I have never had an operation before this was all alien and scary to me but I did mange to get excited by my surgeon who was a sliver fox and very cute with a furry chest which was a lovely sight to see while the anaesthetic took hold.

The operation went well and on waking up I was then taken to a ward to recover for four hours. The ward nurse was a nice young man who was queeny and ‘matron like” in his manner and I could have easily imagined him doing drag in a small town gay bar somewhere!!.

During the first hour of recovery he told me I need to pee and eat something so after he went to look after his other patients I went to the toilet and had a massive piss!!. It was only later when I informed him what I had done that he told me that he needed to see the pee!!! Why didn’t he tell me that in the first place!!??.

So I began to drown myself in iced water drinking cup after cup till I knew that a pissing event would be on the horizon!!, Still that was the only hiccup in the whole day so I cant complain!!.

These are a few pics of my recovery

. IMG_0363

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