By: Homolicker

Feb 17 2011

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Since the turn of the new year I have been challenged creatively through not fault but my own and feel that my recent depression although only on a low level has contributed to my failings where producing art work is concerned.

I have tried to understand why I am feeling depressed and can only come up with the solution that turning middle aged (46) really has affected me mentally and emotionally and if I’m really honest with myself I’m truly not that happy with how my life has turned out!.

I’m not going to reveal the structure of my life but failings with relationships and decisions work wise have become the foundations of my less that successful life .

I know people will tell me this and i’m aware that the only person that can make a change is ME!, its making that first step moving on and acknowledging past mistakes and learning from them.

But it really does get harder to impliment and change your life as you get to a certain age, where as a young man these changes would excite and invigorate me!.

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